HDR time!

Time for some HDR shots. It's my humble opinion that, like special effects in movies, HDR is best (in general) when use subtly. The dreamy, ghosty pics that are posted quite often cheapen the intent of HDR, and that is to capture more details than a single shot can and come closer to the human eye's capacity. So these pics would probably not even be recognizable as HDR by current standards but I believe that I'm using HDR as it was intended.




These were all made using 3 exposures bracketed at +/- 2 stops. Then combined using the Photomatix Proir-2009-07-29-10-31.gif?fileId=9320774 plugin for Aperture1__%24%21%40%21__ir-2009-07-29-10-31.gif?fileId=9320775 .